Borg Apartments is located in Hvolsvöllur, approx 100km from Reykjavík and 80km from Vík.
It takes about one and a half hour to drive from Reykjavík and up to two hours to take the bus.
The bus drives a few times per day between Reykjavík and Hvolsvöllur (More info on the bus on

When you arrive in Hvolsvöllur you turn in to road nr 261(Hlíðarvegur), drive approx 500m and then turn left on Nýbýlavegur.
Drive 500m more until you see three large apartment buildings standing side by side on the right side of the road.
Borg Apartments is located in the last apartment building, nr 44.

A grocery store, gas stations and a liquor-store are all located next to highway nr 1 that runs through Hvolsvöllur. The local swimming pool is only a 5 min walk away.

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